Basics of the Faith

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Tenets comprised of six cases, namely :

1. Faith in God.
2. Faith in the angels of God.
3. Faith in Allah's book.
4. Faith in the messenger of God.
5. Faith in the end.
6. Faith qada and Qadr, which is both good and bad fate.

Pillars of Islam comprised of five cases, namely :

1. Shahada:
declared the sentence is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
2. Prayer:
observe prayer five times a day.
3. Zakat:
give 2.5% of deposits to the poor or needy.
4. Fasting:
fasting and self control during the holy month of Ramadan.
5. Hajj:
go to pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in a lifetime for those who are able.

Shahada (Arabic: الشهادة ash-Declaration is the principle and basis of the five pillars of Islam and is the spirit, the core and foundation of all the teachings of Islam.

meaning: I testify that there is no god but Allah

wa'ashadu'anna Muhammador-rasūlu-llah
means: and I testify that Muhammad is the apostle (messenger) of God.

In Islam known to several levels in a person's religious beliefs, which are:

Muslim :
Muslims, including the lowest levels of his faith, limited recognition of God as god is one,
believers, who studied Islamic law that increased insight into his Islam,
those who fix everything he does to make it better,
people who are sincere in worship, only to devote his life to God,
the cautious, this is the highest level among other levels.

Essentially faith has three (3) parts :

1. Tashdiq bil qalbi, which believes with the heart.
(Intention, faith, and practice of the liver).
2. Iqrar bil Oral, utter by the tongue.
(Tongue / mouth).
3. Amal bil Arkan, practice with the limbs.
(hands, feet, genitals).

A. Related to the intention, Aqeedah, and Heart (Tashdiq bil qalbi) :

1) Faithful to God, to His Essence, and all his properties, believing that God is Glorified, Esa, and Unmatched and imagery.
2) In addition to God everything is His creation. He is the One.
3) faith in angels.
4) Faithful to the books revealed by Allah to His Apostles.
5) Faith of the Apostles.
6) Faith in destiny, both good and bad, that all of it comes from God.
7) Faith in the resurrection day, including torture and questions in the grave, life after death, reckoning, weighing charity, and cross Shirat.
8) Believing in the existence of Heaven and God willing, all the believers will enter it.
9) Convinced hell and punishment are very painful for all.
10) Loving GOD
11) Love for God and hate for God includes loving the Companions, especially the Emigrants and Helpers, also the family of Prophet Muhammad and his descendants.
12) Loving the Prophet, including those who honor him, read blessings upon it, and follow the Sunnah.
13) Sincere, not riya in charity and away nifaq.
14) repent, repented of his sins in the liver accompanied by a promise not to repeat it again.
15) Fear of God.
16) Always expect the grace of God.
17) Do not despair of the mercy of God.
18) Gratitude.
19) accomplishing the mandate.
20) Patience.
21) Modesty and respect the older.
22) Love saying, including love small children.
23) Accept and pleased with what has been destined.
24) resignation.
25) Leaving takabbur nature and pride, including subduing desires.
26) There is envy and jealousy.
27) shame.
28) Do not be grumpy.
29) Do not cheat, including not prejudiced and do not plan evil or maker to anyone.
30) Removing all love the world of the heart, including the love of wealth and rank.

B. Related to the tongue / mouth (Iqrar bil Oral) :

31) Read the sentence Thayyibah.
32) Reading the holy Quran.
33) Demanding science.
34) Teach science.
35) Pray.
36) Dzikrullah, including forgiveness.
37) Avoid talking in vain.

C. Associated with Body Members (Amal bil Arkan) :

38) Purification. Including the sanctity of the body, clothing, and shelter.
39) Keep praying. Including the obligatory prayers, sunnah, and qadha '.
40) Bersedekah. Including zakat fitrah, zakat treasure, members eat, glorify guests, as well as freeing slaves.
41) Fasting, mandatory or sunnah.
42) Haji, obligatory or sunnah.
43) meditated, including seeking lailatul Qadr in it.
44) Keep the faith and leave the house to emigrate temporarily.
45) Improve vows.
46) Improve the oath.
47) Improve kifarah.
48) Closes genitalia when praying and praying outside.
49) Sacrificing animals, including attention to animal sacrifice to be slaughtered and keep well.
50) Take care of the bodies.
51) accomplishing debt.
52) Align yourself a favor and leave usury.
53) Testifying true and honest, do not cover up the truth.
54) Married to avoid indecency and unlawful.
55) accomplishing rights of the family and relatives, as well as performing rights bondsmen.
56) Devoted and fulfill the rights of parents.
57) Providing education of children with tarbiyah good.
58) Maintain public relations.
59) Obedience to parents or elder in religion.
60) Enforcing fair governance
61) Support the congregation engaged in the truth.
62) Complying with the judge (the government) with the requirement does not violate the law.
63) Improve the goodness with others.
64) Helping others in goodness.
65) Amar Makruh Nahi unjust.
66) Enforcing Islamic law.
67) Jihad, including guarding the border.
68) accomplishing the mandate, including issuing 1/5 spoils.
69) Providing and paying debts.
70) Providing the right neighbor and glorify it.
71) Looking for treasure in a way that is lawful.
72) Donate treasures in place, including avoiding wasteful nature and miserly.
73) Give and answer greeting.
74) Praying for people who sneeze.
75) Avoid actions that harm and distress to others.
76) Avoiding games and amusement.
77) Keep objects that intrude on the road.

From Abu Hurairah, the Prophet Muhammad said, "Faith has seventy branches (another narration seventy seven branches) and the most important is La ilaha illa Allah, and the lowest is to throw away the thorns off the road. And shame is also one branch of faith. "

[Ashhabus Sittah; Abu Abdillah Halimi in Fawaidul Minhaj ra, ra Al-Bayhaqi in Syu'bul Faith, Sheikh Abdul Jalil in Syu'bul Faith ra, ra Qurthubi Ishaq bin in an Nashaih, and Imam Abu Hatim ra in wa Faith Washful Syu'buhu.]

Qolbul Qur'an has various kinds The action that many up until it can not be calculated. Among them, as has been accepted in those sayings by the Prophet Muhammad:
Indeed every thing there is the real heart and liver Qur'an is (letter) Yaasin. If anyone reading Yaasin, listed by him seal the Quran 10 times.

There are 51 (fifty one) hasiyat other than that which is important for people who read "Qolbul Qur'an" as follows:

1. Extendable age
2. healthy body. Sickly people who are sick or have a disease that is difficult to heal, then read "Qolbul Qur'an" or continue with mudawamah means continuously. So with the blessing "Qolbul Qur'an" Allah SWT will be a member of this health and healing of the disease.
3. Set Islamic faith until the end of life khusnul khotimah.
4. Used as people of good character.
5. Offers sustenance, working smoothly and human effort.
6. Be dilatedchest.
7. facilitated all the good and away from all the bad things.
8. Produced all the effort and purpose.
9. Given that a lot of pleasure.
10. Given glory. People who want to have or to be promoted, then read "Qolbul Qur'an" with mudawamah once a day or every completion of the obligatory prayers. Allah SWT will undoubtedly rank desired member thanks to the blessing "Qolbul Quran" is.
11. Will evidenced his heart to worship.
12. Given monotheism and ma'rifat to Allah SWT.
13. Rescued from the punishment of the grave.
14. Congratulations on passing time "Sirotol mustaqim".
15. Be Fired groups Muttaqin, Muhibbin that people who love to Allah SWT and Rosulnya.
16. Given Anwarul Haqiqoh.
17. receipt of prayers.
18. Welcome the world and the hereafter.
19. Given the pleasures of the world and the hereafter.
20. All requests and destination always be accompanied by guidance instructions from Allah SWT.
21. Given the perfect inspiration and guidance.
22. Given khowasil khowas blessing that the blessing of the aulia / Wali Allah SWT.
23. Will be given faith and spiritual nur.
24. Will be given faith Ghoibul Ghoibi Rabbaniy.
25. Will be given the blessing of pious charity liver and ruhany.
26. Given monotheism clean heart, could resignation, given the strong keyaqinan, could ascetic in his possessions can (wara ') means stay away from vice and subhat, taqwa is right, can live with (qona'ah) means to live with what the , can mujahadah means to fight against lust.
27. Will get a blessing Isyroqi Sirril jismaniyyah.
28. Will get a blessing Isyroqi Sirrin nuurooniyyah.
29. Will get a blessing Isyroqi al-Asror robbaniyyah.
30. Will get a blessing Afdolil kholiiqotil insaaniyyah.
31. Will get a blessing Khozaainil ulumil istifaaiyyah.
32. Will get Albahjatis saniyyah blessing.
33. Will get a blessing ar-rutbatil 'aliyyah.
34. Will get a blessing evidence.
35. Will get the blessing of all warehouse rohmat.
36. Will get a blessing toriqotis Shariah.
37. Will get a blessing toriqoh syaahadatka bima, ya'ni gets blessing for the people whom already musyahadah will 'awaalimul ghuyub.
38. Will get a blessing nuurullohi ta'ala.
39. Will get a blessing kalaamullohi ta'ala.
40. Will get Amrulloh blessing.
41. Will get hukmulloh blessing.
42. Will get a blessing Tawakkaltu 'alalloh.
43. Will get a blessing Takhasshontu bikhofiyyi lutfillah.
44. Will get a sit-rillah jamiili blessing.
45. Will get futukhi sirrillah blessing.
46. ​​Will get the blessing laduniyyah and mukaasyafah.
47. Will get help zdohir and spiritual blessings.
48. There will be children and grandchildren who have knowledge, waladun sholihun yad'uulah.
49. It would be istiqomah.
50. Will be tranquil and peaceful life, happy family, baitii jannatii.
51. There will be a general mahabah 'general which will be liked by everyone.

In Islam, Asmaa'ul husna (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى, asmā' Allah al-Husna) are the names of Allah are beautiful and good. Asthma means and Attributes name means good or beautiful, so Beautiful Names and Attributes are the names of God's good and beautiful.

"Say:" He is Allah, the Almighty. God is a God who depend on Him everything. He is no birth and no too begotten, and there was no one equal to him ".

[Al-Ikhlas 112: 1-4]

"He is Allah, there is no God / god (worthy of worship) but He, He has asmaa'ul Attributes (names either)."

[Ta-Ha, 20: 8]

From Abi Hurairah Muhammad the Messenger of Allah said: "Allah has 99 names, ie one hundred less one; whoever count (memorized) he go to heaven."

[Hadith Bukhari and Muslim history (Mutaffaq'alaih)]

Belongs only to Allah asmaa-ul Husna, then asked for prayers to Him by calling asmaa-ul Husna, and leave those who deviate from the truth in (mention) his names. Later they will be rewarded for what they had done.

[Al-A'raaf 7: 180]

Ash-Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen rahimahullah said:
"The meaning of 'count' (al-asmaaul-husnaa) is: knowing a word that connotes and meaning, and to worship God according to the appointment of these names. Is not a question of the hadith is merely memorize, but also includes writing implies memorize, understand its meaning, and worship God in accordance with his appointment "

[Tafsiir Al Allama Ibni 'Uthaymeen, juz 4]

Ash-Shaykh Ashraf bin 'Abd al-Maqshud hafidhahullah said:
"Count them (al-asmaaul-husnaa) meaning is: memorize the writings that carries meaning and understand its meaning. And to perfection: the worship of Allah in accordance with the designation of the names "

[Al-Qawaaidul-Mutslaa, p 14; Islamic University of Madinah, Cet. 3/1421 H]

"We will give you seven cases. First, indeed, if people talk, you shall not expect the existence of consciousness in his heart. Second, if people eat, you shall not expect to words of wisdom from him. Third, if people associate with humans, you must not expect to obtain a sweetness in worship. "The message of the fourth badal is," Do not expect Husnul khatimah to people who love the world. Fifth, do not expect the living heart of a fool. Sixth, do not expect the straightness of religion in people happy companionship with those who do wrong. And lastly, seventh, do not expect to gain the pleasure of Allah on those who are always seeking the pleasure in humans. "

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